At our hotel, we offer a range of exciting activities to make your stay even more enjoyable. Guests can take part in various engaging experiences, such as beach yoga sessions to relax and rejuvenate both the body and mind. We organize guided bike tours to explore the scenic surroundings and discover hidden gems in the area. For those seeking adventure, we offer thrilling tracking tours that allow you to immerse yourself in nature and witness breathtaking landscapes. Additionally, we arrange boat trips for a memorable journey along the coastline, providing opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying the crystal-clear waters. With our hotel's commitment to creating unforgettable experiences, we ensure that every moment of your stay is filled with joy and adventure.


Boat Trip

Yeni Foça is a holiday resort located along the attractive coastline of the Aegean Region and is famous for its boat tours. This touristic destination draws attention with its crystal clear waters, natural beauties and historical texture. Boat tours in Yeni Foça offer visitors an unforgettable sea adventure.

Boat tours in Yeni Foça offer an unforgettable experience full of beautiful landscapes, cool waters and historical discoveries. These tours are ideal for nature lovers, history buffs and sea lovers. For anyone visiting Yeni Foça, a boat tour is a great option to enjoy the holiday and discover the unique beauties of the region.


Cycling Tour

Cycling trips in Yeni Foça are an excellent option for pedaling with the breathtaking views along the bike paths along the coast. Riding your bike while listening to the calm waves of the Aegean Sea is a great way to relax your soul and keep your body active. Cycling is the perfect option for anyone who wants to explore historical and cultural riches. This holiday resort is literally a paradise for bike lovers who want to have a pleasant trip by the sea and explore the surrounding beauties.